People from around the world visit the Abbey of the Genesee. See what some of our past guests had to say about their time here…

“I treasured the freedom and the silence. We were free to just be.”
– E.C. (Cleveland, Ohio)

“Peaceful and recollective- serene. Allows a “slow” thinking process to take place.”
– D.B. (Welland, Ontario)

“God speaks in all situations, but here it is easy to hear and simple BE in God.”
– L.S. (Rochester, New York)

“All our creature comfort needs are met. We can concentrate on prayer.”
– Anonymous

“The warmth, kindness, and nurturing generosity of the Guestmaster and staff made this a very healing, loving, beautiful spiritual growth experience.”
– M.R. (Buffalo, NY)

“The gentle atmosphere provided everything- the prayers, the retreat house staff, the quiet demeanor of the monks, and the gentle encouragement to take time for solitude.”
– Anonymous

“This is a place of great hospitality and love. Monks and staff have that same spirit.”
– C.O. (Philadelphia, PA)

“Thank you for helping us to enter into the world of a grace-filled spiritual desert if only for a few days.”
– Anonymous

“I loved the freedom to pray, reflect, study, or relax as the Spirit prompted without concerning myself with anything else.”
– B.B. (Cleveland, Ohio)

“Places that offer silence and solitude today are too few. It is a privilege to be here to share in the rhythm of life of the monks.”
– Anonymous